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A3_Taiwan Strait War 1_edited.jpg

If in a parallel Universe Taiwan was invaded…

What would the outcome be if we had our own superheroes?
And what would happen to this island after we fended off the attack?
This is the premise of the Novic Universe Comics and we welcome all who would enjoy the fitcional story of this world.

1. All of Novic’s storyline is PURELY Fictional, the plot and premise is anIMAGINATION of a collided reality and sci-fi fantasy,in which Taiwan Superheroes are born.

2. All content will be published online for free. If you like or support this universe,please purchase our products or characters on the merch and sponsor page or donateas you please to the S.M.I.T.H account so that we may continue with the story.

3. Statistics show people with a glass heart using VPN to browse the site,normally ends in a bad mood.Novic reminds all readers to enjoy our "FICTIONAL" content with joy.

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