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Taiwanese Heroes Rise in the Novic Universe, Rallying you to Join the Fight along with a new age of superheroes!"

In the backdrop of the 2019 outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, Novic Universe unfolds a captivating narrative set in Taiwan, where a Taiwanese team develops the "Tailight Vaccine" for the global crisis. Unexpectedly, those inoculated experience extraordinary changes, granting them superhuman abilities. As the number of powered individuals continues to rise, the military advantage in the Taiwan Straight is shifting against the People's Republic of China. Numerous stories unfold in this environment, with each protagonist facing different challenges, navigating between the forces of justice and the allure of darkness amid the escalating conflict.

Driven by a visionary mission, Novic Universe's creator, Mr. P, aims to propel this distinctly Taiwanese superhero universe into international recognition. Collaborating with a dedicated team, Mr. P envisions linking the stories to real-life issues and crucial events. Through the artistic endeavors of local creators, the narrative aims to serve as a reflection of societal experiences, presenting the choices individuals make in the face of adversity.

Mr. P and the team aspire to infuse the Novic Universe with a rich local flavor, connecting the storyline to the essence of Taiwanese culture. The narrative becomes a canvas for local creators to weave together the superhero universe with Taiwan's historical and contemporary context. By addressing relevant events, the team seeks to provide societal feedback and rekindle awareness of forgotten or overlooked issues, encouraging reflection through diverse perspectives.

Importantly, the profits generated from Novic Universe will be reinvested into the operation of the project and directly benefit the contributing creators. This innovative approach aims to foster a symbiotic relationship among the team, creators, and project supporters, ensuring the sustainability of the Novic Universe. It strives to be the epitome of the “Taiwanese superhero universe," bridging the realms of creativity, social awareness, and community support.

As Novic Universe emerges as a unique cultural phenomenon, it not only entertains but also serves as a vehicle for meaningful dialogue, reinforcing the interconnectedness between fiction and reality. With its roots deeply embedded in the local ethos, Novic Universe is poised to captivate audiences worldwide and leave an indelible mark as a truly Taiwanese superhero saga.





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